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We Have Been Working And We Are Proud Of Our Achievements

Staff Biometric Audit and Verification

The Ministry has successfully conducted a biometric audit/verification of all State Civil Servants under the U-Pay to determine correctly those under the employment of the Benue State Government and to stamp out ghost workers. The Ministry now has a data base of State Civil Servants. This in turn saved the state enormous funds that were being stolen by corrupt officers who were benefitting from the scenario. There are also plans to take up staff of the Judiciary, Benue State University, Benue State University Teaching Hospital, the State Pensioners among other very few not covered by the U-Pay. This will effectively stamp out the ghost workers syndrome from the Benue State Government payroll.

Introduction of a New Accounting System and Formaton

Prior to the Ministry ceding the Department of Budget to the Benue State Planning Commission, it introduced a new budget system and format. The new accounting system is electronic in nature, making for accountability and transparency in all government transactions and enhancing budget tracking. The Ministry is also carrying out reforms in Public Expenditure Management aimed at enhancing transparency, efficiency and accountability and also improving on the quality of governance. A new budget format with clear cut responsibilities has been introduced. It was part of plans by the MOF & EP to involve communities, civil society organizations and donors in the budget process. Even as the Budget Department has been excised to the Benue State Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning continues to pursue these changes that have revolutionized financial management in the State. There are plans to have treasury buildings in all the 23 local governments headquarters in the state.

Introduction of New Payroll Management System

During the period under review and to lend credence to the staff verification and secure the salary payment process, the Ministry introduced and implemented a cost effective human resource management, payroll processing and salary administration system with seamless connectivity to the payment gateway capable of effecting online salary payment to all State employees irrespective of their banks nationwide. The benefits of the new system include:
  • Prompt payment of salaries to employees accounts in any bank nationwide.
  • Reduced cost of salary administration amounting to enormous savings on the part of the State Government.
  • Prompt alerts and removal of names of persons due for retirement from the payroll system.
  • Elimination of ghost workers from the payroll, among many other benefits.
  • Procurement of Official Vehicles

Steady Improvement in Internal Revenue Generation

The ministry in the period under review has continued to witness steady improvement in revenue generation in conjunction with the Benue State Internal Revenue Service from her serving units. Permanent Board of Survey has in line with the stores regulations been able to generate a total sum of N3,931,931.80 (three million, nine hundred and thirty one thousand, nine hundred and thirty one Naira, eighty kobo) only from disposal of unserviceable stores items between May 2015 and December 2016. This has helped clear Government office premises of unused stores items while simultaneously generating revenue for government. The board is also doing everything to ensure that at the end of 2017 there will be hardly any unserviceable item littering the premises of government offices.