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About Us

Get To Know About The Ministry And Our Responsibilites

About the Ministry

Benue State Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning was established in the year 1976. From then till now, the ministry has had 16 Past Commissioners and 24 Past Permanent Secretaries. Being a service ministry, the functions of the ministry of finance and economic planning touches on activities of all governmental establishments and some other relevant non-governmental institutions within and outside the State. The ministry has four (4) departments namely:
  • Department of Administration and Supplies
  • Department of Finance and Accounts
  • Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Department of Pay-roll Management
The Ministry also has cabinet responsibility over the following semi-autonomous agencies:
  • Office of the Accountant-General (OAG)
  • Board of Internal Revenue Service (BIRS)
  • Community and Social Development Agency (CSDA)

Functions Of The Ministry

The statutory functions and responsibilities of the entire Ministry include the following:
  • To control government funds and revenue expenditure.
  • To ensure an improvement of the internally generated revenue of the state.
  • To receive and ensure effective management of the state’s allocation form the Federation Account and other sources including IGR, grants, aids and loans.
  • To ensure effective and efficient management to harness government resources for optimum productivity.
  • To explore avenues and means of income generation such as foreign aids and loans.
  • To exploit opportunities created by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Securities Exchange Commission and the financial sector of the economy.
  • The establishment of monthly state stabilization fund.
  • To formulate and implement credible and realistic economic blueprint for the State.
  • To provide necessary advice to the government in areas of investment opportunities.
  • To maintain and operate State accounts in addition to publishing statutory financial statements and formulation of beneficial and productive accounting policies for the state.
  • To ensure strict adherence to:
    • Finance Management and fiscal policy.
    • Application and enforcement of Government Financial Regulations.
    • Acquisition and application of loans and advances.
    • Prudent management of government investments.
    • Application of external financial assistance and grants.
    • Rules and regulation of Boards of Survey and Inquiry.

Management Team


Dr. Samuel Ortom

Exec. Governor Benue State



Usa-Adi Frank Terna

Permanent Secretary